June 21, 2016

England v Australia

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England v Australia at the Stadium of Light, Sunderland.photographer

When I heard the England football team would be playing a friendly match at my local football club I found it the perfect opportunity to take my son to his first international match! Living in the north east of England I feel we miss out on so many amazing sporting events, London seems to get all the prestigious events such as the Olympics, Wimbledon tennis and with the national stadium being in London all the major football events are held there! In my opinion it would have made sense to have built the national stadium in a more central location like the Midlands when they rebuilt it at the beginning of the century. Countries such as Italy and Spain who have some of the most passionate football fans in the world don’t have a national stadium, they tour the country for international matches making the game more accessible for the true fans to support their country/team! I looked into taking my son to an England match last year for his birthday and after I’d factored in travel costs, hotel accommodation, match tickets, food etc I was looking at over £600! With it being on our door step it cost us less than £60, that included travel expenses and tickets for my son, myself and my dad! I thought it would be a nice opportunity to take my dad along and have three generations enjoying the match.


The match itself was nothing exciting, as we’ve come to expect with England! I felt Australia played the better football at times but at the end of the match it’s whoever scored the most goals that counts and luckily we managed to score 2 goals to their 1! It was great celebrating an England goal with my son and dad, it didn’t take long to come either, only the 2nd minute!

I was thinking of taking my main camera, Canon 5d mkiii but in the end I decided to go with my more discreet GoPro Hero 4! I’ve used my GoPro a lot over the last year to make some great movies but I’m yet to really try it out as a still image camera. It made a nice change to have such a small camera that easily fits in my pocket instead of the heavy bulky Canon camera, I wish I could use my GoPro cameras to shoot weddings, that way my back won’t be in agony at the end of the night and the following day! Overall I was pleased with the results, I managed to capture some great memories that I will treasure forever!

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